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UBI needs your help!
There are many ways that you can assist UBI in creating and promoting beautiful ecologically functional urban habitats full of color and biodiversity. It's time to make nature a priority; let's make a difference together!
Planting Milkweed at Coles County Health Dept_
To help the Urban Butterfly Initiative:
  • "Like", follow us, and share our posts on social media (see the links below)
  • Slap a bumper sticker (pictured at top of page) on your car -- contact us to get one
  • Help establish or maintain Butterfly Hotspots (planting, weeding, etc) -- contact us for how
  • Become a Site Steward! -- contact us for more information
  • funds to support site development and environmental education
  • native pollinator plants from area plant sales (please contact us before purchasing, as we may not have spots available for unsolicited plants no matter how fantastic they are!)

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Other ways to get involved:
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