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The Urban Butterfly Initative is about more than just butterflies. We are also about communities, about science, and about the environment.

Overview of UBI

beautiful tile butterfly.png

The Urban Butterfly Initiative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community service organization that uses butterflies as ambassadors to nature, providing an approachable, fascinating, and beautiful link between people and the environment.


UBI provides expertise and guidance to public and private partners who seek to increase biodiversity, beauty, and scientific awareness in their communities. We encourage the modification of existing urban green spaces to create beautiful butterfly-friendly habitats, making them more ecologically functional, while also generating the benefits of urban beautification, tourism, education, and science.


Our low-cost, low-maintenance butterfly landscapes do more than beautify communities; they also increase biodiversity and conservation, create engagement and educational experiences, and provide scientific and research opportunities. These goals form the three facets of UBI.


Although native plants are emphasized, our general design theme is not “wild-looking,” but instead we establish attractive, ecologically-sound landscapes that inspire visitors and integrate educational opportunities.

If you represent an organization or municipality interested in partnering with UBI, send us an email at to start the conversation!

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