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The Urban Butterfly Initiative is a 501(c3)/509(a2) non-profit organization.
100% of all donations go to furthering the mission of our organization: beautifying urban areas and increasing environmental awareness by creating butterfly habitats and working to educate community members about nature and science.

See below for how to donate funds to UBI via PayPal, Credit Card, Check, or AmazonSmile. All donations help us to continue to provide our services. To find out more about donating equipment or supplies, or to ask us additional questions about donations, please click this link to contact us!

To donate via PayPal or Credit Card, click button below.  

To donate via Venmo or by Check, please e-mail us

by clicking the button below

You can also donate by choosing Urban Butterfly Initiative as your charity of choice for AmazonSmile when ordering off of Amazon. Amazon donates a small portion of your purchase price to UBI with each purchase.

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