Charleston Butterfly Blitz 2021

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The Urban Butterfly Initiative (UBI) is hosting the 3rd Annual Charleston Butterfly Blitz from Saturday, July 24th through Sunday, August 1st, and has prizes for participation. 


The event is designed to engage area residents to take pictures of butterflies and upload them to iNaturalist (see below). After signing up for a free account, you can submit photos online via computer or by using the iNaturalist phone app. iNaturalist even helps identify the type of butterfly, so you do not have to already know the species to contribute. However, a free, downloadable guide to common local butterflies is available here!

Any butterfly observed during July 24th-August 1st, 2021 in Coles County and submitted to iNaturalist will be tallied. Good places to look for butterflies include flower gardens, unmowed roadsides, and butterfly hotspots that UBI has created at Lake Charleston, Fox Ridge State Park, Charleston Public Library, and other sites near Charleston. (More hotspot locations can be found by following the link below). 


The event is co-sponsored by the City of Charleston, Eastern Illinois University, Fox Ridge State Park, and Bike & Hike-Charleston.

To follow the Blitz results on iNaturalist, click "Blitz 2021" below. For a map showing the location of UBI hotspots, click the "UBI Hotspots button." And to sign up for a FREE iNaturalist account, click on the iNaturalist button.

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PRIZES: Each participant that submitted at least one butterfly observation from Coles County to iNaturalist during our Blitz will receive a 10% discount on any in-stock accessory from Bike & Hike Charleston. Bike & Hike will also give prizes for most different species submitted and most observations submitted, including $100 off any bike purchase, $75 off labor, a free water bottle, or a t-shirt. Top contributors should contact the Urban Butterfly Initiative after August 1st to arrange to pick up their prize (on Facebook or at 

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